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Jenna, Phillip, and I hiked the Kelso ridge (class 3) up to Torreys Peak, from there over to Grays, and then down the normal route with all the people. On the way up, we could look out across the valley and see at least 200 people at any one time on the normal trail. On our trail, we saw only seven other people. Class 3 is the way to go if you aren’t afraid of heights.

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I have seen six rainbows this summer (so far). This was the only one I took a picture of. It was in the DeB’s back yard. I had to take several pictures at wide angle to fit it all in, and then use Autopano Pro to stitch them together, which I think might have distorted the shape of the rainbow a little bit – aren’t they really a little flatter than that?

Photographer’s note: The wide angle on my lens is 17mm (x1.6 = 27mm equivalent on a 35mm camera). To get the whole arc of a rainbow requires an 11mm or less wide angle lens on my camera (Canon 20D), and to get the double rainbow requires an even wider angle than that. There is a Canon EF-S 10-22mm lens that would capture the first arc, but to get the second requires stitching at least two photographs together with panorama software.

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